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06/21/12 06:10 pm

Zimmerman Pinned Trayvon After Shooting

George Zimmeran walks through the killing of Trayvon Martin - at the scene - wit...
04/12/12 07:54 pm

Dershowitz: Prosecutors Charges Against Zimmerman Unethical

Alan Dershowitz has taken a look at the prosecutors case and says the probable c...
04/12/12 05:14 am

Wanted Dead or Alive: Peace & Love

You know how the left is all about peace and love, and seeing all people for who...
03/31/12 05:05 pm

Jon Keller: Putting Sharpton on TV is Racist

 A longtime Boston political reporter says putting Al Sharpton on MSNBC...
03/07/12 09:10 am

Liberals Stunned: Kucinich Loses Reelection Fight

The lefties on MSNBC were stunned that Dennis Kucinich lost his primary in a red...
08/19/11 04:46 pm

Sharpton Recap

Cenk could never have accomplished what Al has over the past couple of years.
08/10/11 05:10 am

Sharpton: Funnier Than Jon Stewart

Expect MSNBC ratings to soar with Al Sharpton delivering bits this funny in the ...
07/30/11 08:49 pm

Breaking: Sharpton Covers Hard News

Al Sharpton brings humor - and clumsiness - to the debt ceiling debate on MSNBC ...
10/12/10 06:46 pm

Con Men

Here's a nice reminder of how the socialists staged a phony civil rights ev...
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