09/06/09 07:03 pm

Blind Transparency

Remember all those campaign commitments about Changing the Way Washington Does B...
08/18/09 07:02 pm

All the Liberals Gone

Does anyone remember liberals - they used to hate war. Curiously, they seem to h...
06/12/09 09:31 am

Barr Wars

Have you ever wondered why liberals were horrified by the military and civilian ...
05/24/09 07:28 pm

Remembering War Lies

As a Memorial Day weekend service to the country, I thought it would be appropri...
05/23/09 07:53 am

Bag for Obama

Most of the liberal/radical power structure of America is in the bag for Obama -...
05/16/09 03:36 am

Barack Fraudama

For some reason, the Iraq betrayal has gone virtually unmentioned. Obama will i...
04/24/09 11:13 am

Irrational Exuberance

It is amazing how disconnected from reality the average American is.
02/27/09 01:43 pm

Truth from Power

Remember when he was the anti-war candidate? President Obama will announce plans...
01/30/09 12:14 pm

Right to Hell

Bill Ayers is unhappy with the way the anti-war movement is going. More than thr...
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