08/06/11 04:30 pm

Michael Yon: Report From Kandahar

31 American soldiers, most of them Navy Seals from the unit that killed bin Lade...
06/26/11 03:08 pm

Martha Raddatz: White House Spinning on Afghanistan

You know the president must be extremely out of line when the leftist media agre...
06/22/11 08:30 pm

President Looks Good, Sounds Confident

The president gave his Afghanistan speech, sporting a crisper, more authoritativ...
06/12/11 02:21 pm

Afghanistan: Stay or Go?

July 2011 is just a couple of weeks away, and that's when the president pro...
04/23/11 04:31 pm

Paradise - Afghanistan

Please. Don't hold it against me.
04/19/11 08:14 pm

Ron Paul's Easy Budget Cuts

Ron Paul says if we want to cut budgets, cut the wars. My approach... is quite d...
04/16/11 03:08 pm

Prez: Afghanistan Drawdowns to be Significant in July

The president makes news in an interview with AP, saying that the troop withdraw...
03/26/11 10:37 am

Justifying Obama: He's Better Than Bush

Once and for all - a clear explanation of why President Obama is such a big impr...
03/08/11 05:23 am

Remember the Moral Outrage Over Gitmo?

The president's decision to restart trials at Gitmo provides a fascinating ...
12/29/10 05:12 am

Worst Year Yet in Afghanistan

Deadliest year yet in Afghanistan. Analysis on CNN. The Wall Street Journal repo...
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