affirmative action

09/25/12 01:00 pm

Liz Warren: War Whoops & Indian Chops

Channel 5 makes it sound like something ugly happened in Boston, but it looks mo...
06/15/11 04:23 am

Affirmative Action: Can You Say Like?

Check out this wonderful video on affirmative action, with college students bein...
12/03/10 07:31 am

It is Always Wrong to Judge People by Skin Color - Most of the Time

A hero of the civil rights movement, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, struggles to ex...
07/23/10 08:26 pm

Racist Webb

Is Virginia Senator Jim Webb a racist. Nope. Can't be. He's a Democrat...
07/06/10 06:44 am

Negative Inaction

Watch Cynthia Tucker, a liberal columnist from the Atlanta Constitution-Journal,...
01/06/09 01:01 pm

Affirmative Racism

Racist Democrats continue their efforts to stop the black man from taking over t...
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