10/19/12 01:37 am

New Ad: More Demonizing of Warren

A new attack ad from the Brown campaign continues the she's not who she say...
09/10/12 04:25 am

Spot: Obama Gets Dumped

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do.
08/14/12 07:38 pm

Romney Hits Obama on Medicare

A new Romney/Ryan ad hits Obama on the $716 billion taken out of Medicare and pu...
06/26/12 04:43 am

Sicko: USDA Promotes Food Stamps

It's hard to believe this is real. Is it real? A USDA ad for foodstamps mak...
06/13/12 08:53 am

Obama Trivializes Blacks with Condescending Ad

Have you ever seen a political ad as cynical as this one from the Obama campaign...
05/29/12 06:37 pm

Scott Brown's Diner Ad

Scott Brown's new ad seeks to recapture the natural, local guy vibe that ma...
05/06/12 10:13 am

New Romney Ad Hits Bad Jobs Report

The Romney campaign is hitting the president where he needs to be hit - for stan...
05/04/12 01:58 am

Scarborough Hysterical Over Liz Warren's Ad

Liz Warren set up the consumer protection agency for President Obama, but when i...
11/22/11 09:23 am

Mitt Rolls Out New Hampshire Ad

Mitt bashes Barack, pitches smaller government in first New Hampshire commercial...
12/02/10 07:53 am

It's Not Nice To Fool

The wacko leftists at who thought that President Obama would have com...
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