07/10/11 03:12 pm

ACORN: Seeds Still Growing

Officially, ACORN isn't being funded by the feds anymore. John Fund explain...
06/06/11 08:10 am

Weekly Wacky News Wrap-Up (6/2 - 6/6/11)

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their...
05/12/11 06:56 am

Bertha Lewis Sings Walmart Hate at Church

Acorn chief talks politics, and puts hate on Walmart, at church.
04/23/11 05:44 am

James O'Keefe: False Pretense in a Fraudulent World

Good interview with James O'Keefe, freedom fighter, by Jon Stossel. We beli...
02/19/11 06:58 am

Shields & Brooks on Wisconsin

Middle of the road guy David Brooks says the union deals have to be changed, and...
10/27/10 04:53 am

ACORN Chief Explains Immigration Key to Socialist Takeover

The community organizers plan the Socialist takeover of America. Immigration is ...
07/26/10 05:41 pm

Mr. Bart

Jesse Jackson apparently believes his first name is Breit. This is indicative of...
07/23/10 09:05 pm

Cracking ACORN

Anita Moncrief used to work for ACORN. Now, she's telling the truth about t...
07/22/10 04:11 am

Presidential People

These are the president's people... the ACORN crowd, community organizers, ...
07/18/10 07:01 am

Neighborhood Nuts

This reminds one of an ACORN event. Against a green backdrop of overhanging tree...
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