10/29/12 08:13 am

Newt Defends Mourdock

This is so easy, and so powerful, I don't understand why more Republicans d...
09/12/12 01:58 am

Stephanopoulos: 'Abortion Should be Rare'

O'Reilly challenge George Stephanopoulos in an interview last night - isn&#...
09/06/12 12:37 pm

Extreme Convention Hit by Politico Pundit

After enduring endless minutes of the Morning Joe clan performing pundit sex on ...
08/21/12 07:17 pm

Goldberg: Obama's the Extremist

Jonah Goldberg is correct - there is a double standard on extremism. ...Akin...
02/14/12 08:57 am

Dick Morris: Abortion Doesn't Work Anymore

Dick Morris says abortion isn't a good issue for the Dems anymore, as opini...
02/07/12 12:11 pm

Mitt(wit) Romney Flip-Flops Yet Again!

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has no convictions and no shame....
01/12/12 09:29 am

Newt Attacks Mitt on Abortion

Newt attacks Mitt on abortion. Gingrich had begun his campaign with a promise no...
07/01/11 07:15 am

Bachmann's Change Sends Shivers

Listen to the power with which Michele Bachmann speaks about having suffered a m...
04/22/11 07:56 am

Finally: Liberalism Defines Abortion

From the State of Massachusetts, taxpayer subsidized website mariatalks.com, her...
02/23/11 04:29 am

No Love & Compassion From Joy

Joy Behar shares the liberal attitude toward people who are against abortion.
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