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09/02/11 04:12 pm

Reporters Getting More Aggressive with White House

Jonathan Karl chases Jay Carney. If you can't even get the congress to agre...
08/14/11 04:23 pm

Pawlenty: Out

Third pace in the Ames straw poll didn't do the trick for Tim Pawlenty.
07/21/11 05:22 am

Brian Ross Gives Bachmann Headache

What happened at Michele Bachmann's migraine press conference? Brian Ross s...
07/15/11 04:11 am

ABC News: Bachmann Has the Mo!

Odd to see them do an upbeat piece on a Tea Party candidate at ABC.
07/05/11 06:03 am

George Will's Mandate

The federal health insurance mandate, a corner-stone of ObamaCare, is obviously ...
05/28/11 04:13 pm

Advanced Lunacy Requires Advanced Degree

For his book "Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing ...
05/09/11 02:07 pm

Jake Tapper: Pakistan Can't be Trusted

Jake Tapper tells Christiane Amanpour that the thing that surprised him most abo...
04/29/11 01:53 am

ABC Correspondent Blogs on Obama Lie

Jake Tapper busted the president for lying to the American people, an event that...
04/24/11 01:19 pm

Liberal Bigotry: Cokie Knows Who the Racists Are

Anyone who thinks that Barack Obama is Muslim is a racist. So say Cokie Roberts ...
04/19/11 03:48 pm

Partners: Media Wants Heat, Donald Provides It

Donald Trump in a hot interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning. Steph i...
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