02/29/12 04:56 am

Obama's 9-9-9 Plan

Newt introduces Obama's 9-9-9 plan.
12/03/11 02:30 pm

Cain Quits, Launches Plan B

Herman Cain says that he's leaving the race for the presidency, but he'...
11/10/11 08:43 am

Cain Is Not Able

As usual, we ask that you click on the song link here before reading this blog...
11/09/11 08:33 am

Herman Cain’s “Idea Of A Stimulus Package”

"You want a job, right?"
10/18/11 08:36 pm

Herman Cain Treated Like Frontrunner in Vegas

At the GOP debate Tuesday evening, Herman Cain faced attack from all his opponen...
10/11/11 08:47 pm

Huntsman Says He Thought 9-9-9 Was Pizza Price

Gov Huntsman, bragging about his Utah flat tax, is asked if that means he suppor...
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