60 minutes

09/24/12 04:01 pm

Mitt Hits Prez on 'Bump in the Road'

Mitt Romney responded Monday to the president's suggestion on 60 Minutes th...
08/13/12 10:01 am

Paul Ryan: Bring Back Fairness

Here are some clips of Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes Sunday night with Mitt. Very appe...
04/03/12 02:02 am

Sugar: Not So Sweet

The 60 Minutes piece on sugar as a tobacco level health risk raises many intrigu...
11/10/11 09:27 am

Jack Abramoff: Republicans and Democrats Both Trouble

Watch MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell struggle to convince Jack Abra...
10/19/11 06:34 pm

Afghanistan: We're Never Leaving

Talk about asymmetrical warfare. Listen as General John Allen, and Scot...
02/16/11 03:34 pm

Personal Tragedy Puts Scott Back in National News Cycle

Scott Brown describes being beaten by his step-father and sexually abused as a 1...
02/07/11 12:35 pm

Aaron Sorkin Attacks 'Witless Bully' Palin on 60 Minutes

"Social Network" writer Aaron Sorkin doesn't like Sarah Palin.
01/23/11 10:02 am

Morgan Freeman: Stop Talking About Race

Morgan Freeman states the obvious - if you want to end racism, stop making every...
01/08/11 04:54 pm

Pennsylvania Governor Rips 60 Minutes in Promo

Ed Rendell with some good analysis of the mainstream media in general, and 60 Mi...
12/13/10 09:48 pm

Boehner Shows Too Much Empathy for Left

Liberals on The View, with Barbara Walters taking the lead, mock John Boehner fo...
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