02/22/11 09:08 am

Scott's Witt Mitt

No, Scott Brown's not running for president. Sen. Scott Brown insisted Tue...
02/14/11 05:20 am

Ann Coulter Doesn't Like Mitt's Chances

At the just completed CPAC convention, Ann Coulter said that if Chris Christie d...
01/01/11 09:16 pm

Krauthammer Explains Weakness of Palin

Palin isn't going to be a player in 2012 says Krauthammer.
12/29/10 09:34 am

Mitch Daniels is the Most Popular Governor in America

The very popular Mitch Daniels, considered to have strong potential as a GOP pre...
12/27/10 07:02 am

Liberal Hate Speech From Juan Williams

Juan offers his 2012 assessment. The GOP has a weak field, and Sarah Palin lacks...
12/02/10 02:04 am

Fishing For Buzz, Mitt Does Leno

Mitt talks about how much he loved being governor, and how great Sarah Palin is,...
11/22/10 09:24 am

Don't Underestimate Palin, Says Reich

George Will, Robert Reich and the rest of the panel on This Week talk about Sara...
09/23/10 12:22 pm

Trumping Barack

A spotlight is a terrible thing to waste. That's why Donald Trump doesn...
08/08/10 04:54 pm

Hillary for VP

Might the president consider dumping Joe Biden and putting Hillary Clinton on th...
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