John Nash,'A Beautiful Mind' That Changed Economics, Dies in Crash

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John Nash, a mathematician whose work on the nature of human negotiation changed modern economics and whose personal struggles with mental illness touched millions, died Saturday in a car crash along with his wife.

U.S. Trade Representative Optimistic About TPP Deal

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U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman says he is optimistic about Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, and says negotiations are “in endgame.”

GM Is Set to Face Criminal Charges Over Ignition Switches

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Federal prosecutors are closing in on criminal charges against General Motors over a faulty ignition switch linked to more than 100 deaths, but they are still weighing whether to charge individual employees.

Amazon Changes Tax Practices in Europe

Related Link: has started booking revenue from retail sales in individual European countries, instead of funneling all sales through low-tax Luxembourg.

Greece Won't Meet IMF Repayments in June, Minister Says

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Greece said it won’t have the money it is due to repay to the IMF next month unless it strikes a deal with international creditors over further rescue funding.

Officials Emphasize Unemployment's Threat to Europe

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High and divergent unemployment rates in Europe pose a serious threat to the region’s long-term economic health, central bankers and economists warned during a weekend conference.

Nestlé Taps Into Bottled Water On-Demand

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Nestlé is getting a big lift from customized Web orders for its still and sparkling water brands Poland Springs, Perrier and Pure Life.

Behind the Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

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“Losing the Signal” tells the inside story of Research In Motion’s efforts to take on the iPhone. Read an excerpt.

Clean-Coal Power Plant Loses Steam

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The future of the most expensive fossil-fuel power plant built in the U.S. is facing new pressures after a Mississippi utility backed out of its commitment to help pay for the clean-coal project.

EDF Bids for Areva's Reactor Unit

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French state-controlled power utility EDF made a preliminary offer for the reactor unit of nuclear-engineering firm Areva of €2 billion ($2.2 billion).

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