Payments Show Range of Doctors' Ties With Industry

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Some of the doctors who received the biggest payments last year from drug and medical-device companies got them for purposes that had nothing to do with patient care.

Nike Delays Launch of LeBron 12s

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Nike said the launch of the new LeBron 12 basketball shoes would be delayed indefinitely due to a small cosmetic issue it didn't identify.

DirecTV, NFL Extend 'Sunday Ticket'

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DirecTV reached a deal with the NFL to continue broadcasting its prize "Sunday Ticket" package of football games for the next eight years, clearing the way for AT&T's $49 billion purchase of DirecTV.

Recruiting Tech Talent in High School

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New Hampshire employer, hungry for engineers, helps create a program to build skills locally.

Authors Guild Met With DoJ to Seek Amazon Probe

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The Guild, which has more than 8,500 members, raised concerns that Amazon is violating antitrust law as it puts pressure on Hachette Book Group in a dispute over revenue from e-books.

Business Education Q&A: Booth School Isn't Just About Finance

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In an interview, Sunil Kumar, dean of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, emphasizes the school's flexible curriculum and says it is committed to equipping students for a wide array of careers.

Which States Make You Pay an Amazon Sales Tax

Related Link: today begins collecting sales tax from purchasers in Minnesota and Maryland, marking the 22nd and 23rd states where the online retailer assesses the levy.

EBay Faces Slower Growth, Increasing Competition

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Now that eBay has agreed to shed PayPal, it may prove difficult to show it is better to be alone.

Bosses Face Affordable Care Act Deadline

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U.S. employers are facing deadlines to make changes to their employees' health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

New Vaccines Target Deadly Virus in Pigs

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Drug companies are racing to create vaccines to stifle a deadly swine virus that has roiled the U.S. meat industry and pushed pork prices to record highs.

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