Pentagon's Weapons Push Faces Skeptics

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The Pentagon is proposing significant changes to how it develops and buys new weapons, but some in the industry say the biggest hurdle to success could lie in the agency's own staff.

What do you think the AWOL Afghan officers were looking for:

Should You Gift Some Assets to Heirs Now?

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Leaving behind too big of an estate can cause tax pain for heirs. Here's how to tell if you can safely give away some assets now.

A New Strategy for Socially Responsible Investing

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The goal these days is to inspire and support positive change, not just screen out objectionable companies.

If You Don't Trust Your Heirs...

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Certain types of trusts can cause heirs to resent trustees. A 'trust protector' can help keep the peace, this adviser says.

ETF Ideas for Banks in a Rising-Rate Environment

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Some financial advisers say it would be a mistake to exit bank-related investments because of rising rates, especially for a long-term holder.

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