Home Depot's Profit, Outlook Rise

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Home Depot posted strong foot traffic and growth in sales of higher-end items in the most recent quarter, making it one of only a few retailers to raise its full-year profit forecast so far this quarter.

Canada Agency Issues Two Rail-Safety Recommendations

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Canada's transportation safety agency blamed a devastating oil-train derailment in Quebec last year on a host of factors and issued two new safety recommendations.

Broken Commitment Ruined Vascular Biogenics IPO

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Vascular Biogenics' shares had been trading for six days when its IPO was canceled and all those trades undone. The reason: A condition outlined in its prospectus wasn't met.

Eric Holder is going to Ferguson Missouri. Will this make things better or worse?
Was the Michael Brown shooting justified or murder?

Job Openings Hit 13-Year High in June

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Rise in job departures shows an increase in confidence.

The Basis for Your Social Security Tax

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There is a limit to the amount of income subject to the levy.

Are the police in Ferguson Missouri owed an apology?

A Jumbo-Loan Service for Service Members

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Active military and veterans can get jumbo home loans guaranteed by the VA. Interest rates are competitive, down payment requirements are much lower, and private mortgage insurance is waived.

Would you prefer President Obama to be back in Washington D.C.?
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