What Is the Buyback Window?

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In Translation: Sometimes companies can buy back their own stock, and sometimes they can’t. How much does it matter to investors?

A Strategy to Avoid Capital-Gains Taxes in GRATs

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Adviser David Weinstock realized a new client was paying tax on stock-market gains that she could avoid.

How About Some (Gulp) China ETFs?

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Despite the brutal selloff, some proponents of China exchange-traded funds are steadfast.

Unfriendly Tax-Friendly Funds

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Mutual funds designed to minimize tax burdens weren’t the best for that purpose and delivered lower returns than other types of funds from 2010 through 2014, researchers found.

Goldman Joins the ETF Fray

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The company launched a “smart-beta” index fund in September and plans additional releases in a line of ActiveBeta ETFs in coming months.

Betting on the Buck

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Spotlight: Currency ETFs are a way for investors to take advantage of the dollar’s strength. A quick look at two.

Adviser Goes for the Alternative

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Mixing It Up: Rick Kahler says market volatility reinforces benefits of owning funds that don’t move in lockstep with stocks.

Watch the '529' Deadline Mismatch

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Saving for College: How to avoid having an end-of-year tuition payment show up in the wrong year for tax purposes, and other help.

Labor Department's Fiduciary Proposal: Key Provisions to Watch

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When the agency revises its plan for retirement advisers to put clients’ interests first, here are six areas that supporters and opponents will examine.

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