The Oxford Economist Running the Fed's Interest-Rate Machine

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Simon Potter is charged with implementing the mechanisms that will raise interest rates when Federal Reserve policy makers make that call.

Why Housing Rebound Hasn't Lifted Economy Much

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American homeowners are digging out of the housing crisis. But housing wealth is playing a much smaller role in the overall economy than it did before the downturn.

Newfangled Energy Stocks Disappoint

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Renewable-energy ‘yieldcos’ got everyone excited, then fizzled. Will they reinvent themselves?

A Year-End Game Plan for Investors

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It has been a tough year for many investors as the stock market has sputtered and shuddered like it hasn’t in a long time. And get ready for 2016, when the U.S. presidential election campaign has the potential to roil markets.

These ETFs Do Well When the World Doesn't

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ETFs focused on aerospace-and-defense stocks took a dip this summer, but some analysts say they remain attractive.

Money-Fund Flows Are a Risk Meter

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A study finds that when investors run for cover, look out. (They are now.)

Stock and Bond Funds Fight to Stay in Black

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Monthly Monitor: U.S.-stock funds rose 6.2% in October, to trim the year-to-date decline for the funds to 0.1%.

Vanguard Steps Into Muni Indexing

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Spotlight: The fund giant’s first municipal-bond index fund has had a quiet debut.

How Bad Weather Could Affect Stock Prices

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Maybe those “clouds on the investment horizon” are real. A study finds that bad weather can distract and delay the markets’ analysts.

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