How to Gain From David Einhorn's Pain

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David Einhorn’s hedge-fund firm has posted big losses. Another firm he controls may offer investors a value play on any comeback.

Dealing With 'Daddy Track': Men Face Challenges Going Part Time

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As women make strides in the workplace and men shoulder more caregiving duties at home, few fathers have workplace flexibility figured out.

U.S. Report Sees Economic Benefit in Allowing Oil Exports

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Lifting the nation’s four-decade ban on oil exports wouldn’t raise gas prices and could help lower them, a government study concludes.

Don't Confuse China's Slowing Economy With Its Plunging Stock Market

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China’s economy is indeed struggling. But unlike the stock market, real activity isn’t in free fall.

Apple's Original Programming Idea: Unproven and Unoriginal

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Just because Apple may be getting into original content doesn’t mean it can make good shows.

U.S. Auto-Sales Pace Accelerates

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Auto makers overcame a holiday shift to post a strong, 17.8 million annualized pace in August, underscoring the continuing strength of the U.S. new car market.

Washington to Seek Greater Clarity on China's Economic Strategy

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A top U.S. official Tuesday expressed confidence that China’s government would be able to manage the downside risks of a slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy, but said Washington will be seeking greater clarity on Beijing’s policy strategy at a meeting of global finance officials later this week

In a World Awash with Gas, Why Finding More is Good for Eni

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Italy’s Eni has found a big gas field in Egypt. That highlights its strengths as the company also gets its financial house in order.

A Summer Reading List for Geeks

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Reviews of three tech-oriented books: “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),” by Felicia Day; “SuperBetter,” by Jane McGonigal; and “ZerOes,” by Chuck Wendig.

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