Jobs Report: The Big Problem It Faces

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Weak manufacturing activity casts a cloud over Friday’s jobs report.

Viacom and CBS: What Really Changes?

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The divergent performance of Viacom and CBS mean the former’s new chairman has more to prove.

Why the Fed Can't Save Markets Right Now

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The Federal Reserve could clear the air by taking a March rate increase completely off the table. But that is easier said than done.

In Flint, Mortgage Lenders Demand Proof of Safe Water

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Flint, Mich., residents have a new concern on top of lead in their drinking water: Some mortgage lenders say home buyers must prove there is no contamination at a property or they won’t make a loan for its purchase.

A Strategy to Maximize Social Security Benefits

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A look at how some couples can still use the ‘file and suspend’ strategy and other issues.

U.S. Debt Burden: It's Gotten a Bit Less Bad

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As the long-term budget outlook has improved, the U.S. has gained some breathing room on the debt. But, Greg Ip writes, that doesn’t mean the U.S. should continue unrestrained borrowing without attacking the biggest contributors to the debt over the longer term.

HSAs Offer Tax Benefits Beyond 401(k)s

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Most people overlook health-savings accounts, or HSAs, as a retirement-savings vehicle. But these accounts come with more tax advantages than 401(k)s when used to cover medical costs, a major expense in retirement.

ETF Providers Try New Strategies to Woo Nervous Investors

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As the stock market slides, some exchange-traded fund providers are trying new strategies to attract nervous investors.

Mutual-Fund Fees Tumble Toward Zero

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Expenses charged to some investors have fallen sharply, boosting returns. But “loss leader” mutual funds and ETFs also carry risks.

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