Regional Banks Fill Industrial Niche

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Local lender KeyBank is succeeding by going back to its roots, lending to small and mid-size manufacturers.

Toyota Unveils Revamped Manufacturing

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Toyota broke a two-year silence on a revamped manufacturing process—built on sharing components among vehicles—that it says will produce half its vehicles by 2020 and slash costs.

Pemex in Pipeline Deal With BlackRock, First Reserve

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Pemex has landed its first major investment since an energy overhaul opened the sector to private players. BlackRock and First Reserve will put up about $900 million for a 45% stake in a pipeline project.

Oil Producers Retreat From China

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Global oil companies are unwinding some big bets they made on China—and that is bad news for the Chinese companies, which need their know-how.

FedEx Uses 'Common Carrier' Defense Against DOJ Charges

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FedEx filed a motion to dismiss Justice Department charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, arguing that it is legally protected as a company that carries goods for the public.

BofA Defends Naming Moynihan as Chairman

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Bank of America defended its decision last fall to give the chairman title to CEO Brian Moynihan, saying it made the move after careful consideration and he is well suited for the job.

Hedge Funds: Don't Call Us a 'Hedge Fund'

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Grappling with years of uneven performance, image problems and deep-pocketed clients who have distanced themselves, hedge-fund managers are taking pains to avoid the moniker.

Carnival Has Reason to Celebrate

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Ahead of the Tape: Cruise operator Carnival Corp. seems on course for more gains.

New York City Comptroller to Call for New Disclosures by Brokers

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New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer will call for stockbrokers and financial advisers operating in New York state to be required to disclose whether they are obligated to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own.

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