Procter & Gamble Raises Dividend 3%

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Procter & Gamble Co. lifted its quarterly dividend 3%, a move to return more to shareholders despite headwinds from a stronger dollar.

How Couples Can Resolve Their Biggest Fights Over Money

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Battles over finances are common and frequently brutal. They don’t have to be.

Verizon Breaks Pay-TV Bundle

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Verizon said its FiOS service will allow customers to choose only certain groups of channels they want to watch.

Teva Considering Bid for Mylan

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Teva Pharmaceutical is considering a takeover bid for drug maker Mylan, a sign of the jockeying for dominance among generic drug makers.

FCC Frees Up Spectrum for Low-Cost Wireless Hubs

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The Federal Communications Commission approved a plan Friday to unlock a large swath of airwaves that could be used to set up cheap, new wireless networks.

A Look at the Tax Year 2015

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A guide to some of the tax rates, deductions and contribution limits for this year.

Top 20% of Earners Pay 84% of Income Tax

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And the bottom 20%? They get paid by Uncle Sam. We compare tax burdens as Tax Day approaches.

WRKO Town Hall with Jeff Kuhner

The next WRKO Town Hall is Saturday April 18th. Join Jeff Kuhner and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton starting at 12pm at the Dion Center at Rivier University in Nashua, NH.

The WRKO Town Hall with John Bolton is presented by William Kelly Financial Services, Protect your accumulated wealth. Prepare for the worst, then enjoy the best.

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