Global Economy Week Ahead: Fed Speakers, ECB Meeting, Japan Wages

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U.S. monetary policy will take center stage early in the week, with three Federal Reserve officials speaking ahead of the central bank’s December meeting, and any repercussions of Sunday’s referendum in Italy on changes to the government there will be watched for broader effects through Europe.

Beware Medicare Advantage Plans

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A recent report says many buyers are confused

Hensarling: GOP Wants to End Rules on Retirement Advice, Payday Loans

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Congressional Republicans hope to scrap two contentious rules meant to rein in conflicted investment advice and payday lenders once President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Era of Low Interest Rates Hammers Millions of Pensions Around World

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Central-bank moves are pulling down returns for government-run funds, making it difficult to meet mounting obligations to workers and retirees. Low rates are exacerbating existing cash problems.

Retirement Policy Under Trump? Unclear, but There Are Clues

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Donald Trump hasn’t said a lot about Social Security funding or other retirement-savings policies, but his few comments—along with congressional Republicans’ proposals—provide some insight on what to expect.

Afraid of Losing Obamacare? Some Preventive Care From Financial Pros

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If the 2010 health-care law is repealed as President-elect Donald Trump has promised, about 20 million Americans would lose coverage. But while financial advisers say it’s too soon for consumers to fret, they say there are steps to take in preparation.

Advisers to Clients: Don't Make Big Moves in Your Bond Holdings---Yet

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Financial advisers say that while Donald Trump’s policies will likely bring opportunity in a year or more as their inflation-boosting effects play out, for now they’re waiting and encouraging clients to maintain their short-duration bond portfolios.

Tips to Save on Homeowners Insurance

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How homeowners can save thousands of dollars on their premiums.

It's Time for Your 401(k)'s Annual Physical

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As 2017 approaches, here are five to-do items to keep your retirement account on track.

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