Volvo to Open U.S. Plant

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Volvo said it plans to spend $500 million to build a new vehicle plant in the U.S., and said it will choose a state in about a month.

GM, Ford Make a Play for China's Luxury-Car Buyers

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Ford and GM will unveil new passenger cars at the New York Auto Show that take aim at the growing collection of buyers of luxury vehicles in China.

EIG Investing $1 Billion in Breitburn

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EIG Global Energy Partners agreed to invest $1 billion in Breitburn Energy Partners, as energy producers turn to alternative capital sources in an effort to bolster their balance sheets.

A Local Bank in Amish Country Flourishes

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Bank of Bird-in-Hand is the only new bank to open in the U.S. since 2010, when the Dodd-Frank law was passed.

India Rises as Importer of Coal

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India has recently been taking advantage of a global price slump to import more coal, while China is seeking to rely more on domestic sources.

Consumers Should Emerge From Hibernation

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Ahead of the Tape: As a harsh winter ends, Americans won’t continue their saving ways.

How Wall Street Helps Tech Workers Cash In

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Financial firms are creating a murky market where the red-hot stocks of closely held technology companies trade largely out of sight of regulators, other investors and the companies themselves.

Investing Lesson of 1937: Hold Some Cash

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Sure, yields are puny. But when stocks next tumble, the value of cash will be clear, says columnist Morgan Housel.

Route to an $8 Million Portfolio Started With Frugal Living

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Ronald Read, who died in June at 92, spent years pumping gas. His friends were shocked when they learned his estate was valued at almost $8 million.

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