Puerto Rico's Power Authority Reaches Deal With Bondholders

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Puerto Rico’s power authority agreed to the terms of a restructuring plan with a group of bondholders, who are slated to receive 85% of the value of their bonds.

Small U.K. Banks Show Big Rivals How To Travel Light

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Picture a life without the baggage of the past. In the U.K., smaller banks are showing established rivals how that could be.

China's Car Slowdown Punishes Dealers

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Even if China’s car market improves, auto makers will leave little for the dealers, such as Hong Kong-listed Zhongsheng Group.

U.S. Productivity Increased at Fastest Pace Since 2013

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U.S. worker productivity grew much more than initially thought in the second quarter—at a 3.3% clip—reflecting a bounce back in economic activity following a slow start to 2015.

Private-Sector Jobs Rise Modestly

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Private-sector payrolls in August expanded at a more modest-than-expected clip, adding 190,000 jobs, according to an employment survey.

U.S. Drivers Will Put Oil Prices in Reverse

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Ahead of the Tape: Pressure on crude-oil demand may rise as driving season ends and U.S. refineries approach turnaround season.

The Bad News in Strong Car Sales

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Despite the stumble in stocks, auto sales were strong last month. That should reassure the Federal Reserve on consumers’ ability to weather market turmoil.

A Summer Reading List for Geeks

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Reviews of three tech-oriented books: “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),” by Felicia Day; “SuperBetter,” by Jane McGonigal; and “ZerOes,” by Chuck Wendig.

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Jeff Kuhner will be broadcasting live from 12p - 3p at the Boston Marriott Quincy on Thursday, August 6th for the WRKO Red Cross Blood Drive. The Blood Drive will start at noon and go to 6pm.


Thursday, August 6th, 12p - 6p
Boston Marriott Quincy
The Kuhner Report will broadcast live 12p - 3p

WRKO Town Hall with Jeff Kuhner & Ted Cruz

More than 600 people came out to Southern New Hampshire University on May 30 for a WRKO Town Hall with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Cruz discussed everything from Obamacare to immigration to ISIS, and much more. Relive the event with the audio, photos and video below.

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