Activists Wept for There Were No More Worlds to Conquer

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WSJ columnist Dennis Berman says that by persistent menace and frequent success, the activist investing agenda—buybacks and dividends, cost-cutting and tax gambits—has hardened into the default boardroom agenda, too.

Comcast, Charter Close to Subscriber Deal

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Charter could acquire nearly four million extra subscribers in a two-stage deal under discussion with Comcast, in what would represent a consolation prize for Charter's nearly yearlong pursuit of Time Warner Cable.

Lockheed Raises Profit Guidance

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Lockheed Martin raised its 2014 earnings guidance and continued its funneling of cash to shareholders as buybacks soared to $1.1 billion during the first quarter.

Court Strikes Down Ohio Hospital Merger

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A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered a major health system in northwest Ohio to unwind its merger with a local hospital as antitrust authorities step up scrutiny of hospital deals.

Can John Boehner be trusted on immigration?

Healthscope Draws Interest from China, Malaysia and the U.S.

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Australia's Healthscope, put on the block by its private-equity owners in a deal that could be worth $5 billion, has attracted interest from companies in the U.S., China and Malaysia.

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How to Amend Your Federal Tax Return

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IRS Form 1040X is what you need, but there are restrictions.

A Slow Start to the House-Selling Season

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Many had hoped warmer weather would rekindle growth.

This Week

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What happened to your money in the past week.

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