Sometimes, a Will Is Not Enough

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In estate planning, detailed bequests can spare everyone lots of grief, writes Lindsay Gellman.

A Two-Year Plan to Lower Your Taxes

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Bunching deductible expenses into every other year can lower tax bills over time.

Berkley California has approved a tax on sugared soft drinks. Is this a good idea?
Do you agree with Charles Krauthammer that President Obama is now irrelevant?
Will the republicans gain control back of the senate after the election today?
Do you agree with the democrats that voter fraud is a myth?
Was the false correction of Scott Brown by the debate moderator a deliberate attempt to prejudice him?
Whose side are you on in the Maine quarantine fight with nurse Kaci Hickox:
Should the Obama Administration be allowed to bring foreign Ebola victims into the US for free medical care?
Should nurse Kaci Hickox be in quarantine?
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