Is There a Case for Actively Managed Fund Investing?

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Many investors have switched to low-cost index funds, but some stick with actively managed funds, hoping to beat the market. Two experts debate both approaches.

European Banks Draw Scrutiny Over Reciprocity

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Behind the scenes in Europe, banks regularly dole out lucrative work to their competitors, partly based on how much business they will receive in return.

'Feeling Certain' and Other Mistakes That Trip Up Investors

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A surging stock market makes investors feel smart. With the S&P 500 near an all-time high, pay heed to the many ways you can go wrong.

Berkley California has approved a tax on sugared soft drinks. Is this a good idea?
Do you agree with Charles Krauthammer that President Obama is now irrelevant?
Will the republicans gain control back of the senate after the election today?
Do you agree with the democrats that voter fraud is a myth?
Was the false correction of Scott Brown by the debate moderator a deliberate attempt to prejudice him?
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