Was Caroline Kennedy born to be an Ambassador?
The defense in the Whitey Bulger trial get the case tomorrow. Will Whitey take the stand?
Are Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin "In Love"?
Should the Federal Government bail out Detroit?

The Taste of Boston with Howie Carr

This contest has closed. Winners to be notified by WRKO Promotions. WRKO winners will enjoy a Taste of Boston, with an impressive spread of Boston's best seafood offerings.
Do you care in the least about the birth of the Royal Baby?
Was Trayvon Martin a Thug?
Will the Republicans be able to kill ObamaCare in the next year?
Are you offended by the Rolling Stone cover featuring a portrait of the Boston Bomber?
Should Howie be saddened or gladdened that he has been stricken from the Bulger witness list?
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