Congress Tests Trump Officials on Trade

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Lawmakers from both parties are showing early resistance to President Donald Trump’s trade policy, a key pillar of his 2016 “America first” campaign.

The Unlikely Winners of the U.S.-China Trade War, Round 1

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Many U.S. companies with big China exposure are outperforming, not underperforming.

Toshiba and Japan's Struggling Banks

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Despite Toshiba’s negative shareholder equity, its creditors have reiterated their commitment to continuing support.

Who Are Snap's Real Friends?

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Snap is asking a lot of its investors in its coming IPO, and that may lead them to push back.

How Saudis Cut Oil Output Without Really Cutting

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Saudi Arabia has led the way among major energy exporters in cutting oil production. At the same time, the kingdom is adding to global supply in a surprising way.

Global Risks Begin to Recede

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It isn’t only in the U.S. that economic spirits are looking up, Greg Ip writes. Around the world, confidence is on the rise.

Time for Nestlé to Make Major Cosmetic Changes

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Selling out of cosmetics giant L’Oréal looks like an easy win for Europe’s most valuable company

Speed Limits on Trump's Infrastructure Drive: Federal Laws, Rare Species and Nimbys

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Neighborhood opposition and environmental regulations, many dating from the 1960s and 1970s, routinely bog down ambitious projects. The required reviews and frequent legal challenges will likely constrain the administration’s plan to spend $1 trillion on ‘highways, bridges, tunnels, airports.’

Why Almost Everybody Should Apply for College Financial Aid

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The income cutoff is much higher than many parents think.

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