Fed Leaves Door Open to Move as Soon as September

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The Fed upgraded its economic assessment and said near-term risks have diminished, effectively leaving the door open to raise rates as early as September.

China Outflows Fuel Insurance Giant's Engine

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AIA isn’t a bargain, but the company remains on stable footing with or without China’s vacillating capital outflows.

Anthem: Getting Past Cigna Merger Blues

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Cost pressures and merger uncertainty shouldn’t derail Anthem shares for long.

What to Expect From Japan's Next One-Two Punch of Stimulus

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What Japan appears to be heading toward isn’t necessarily novel—but has worked before.

Google Marches to Its Own Beat

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Alphabet shares appear to be underappreciated ahead of second-quarter earnings.

Facebook's Huge Crowd-Pleaser

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The social-networking giant defies law of large numbers, showing benefits of scale.

The Economy Is Again Under the Sway of Asset Prices

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The rise in wealth and asset prices underscores their increasing importance since the 1990s, and how vulnerable the economy remains to any shock that forces a sudden reassessment of their value, Greg Ip writes.

How the Fed Could Surprise

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The Federal Reserve’s caution on rates could fade quicker than investors think.

Global Economy Week Ahead: Fed and BOJ Decisions, Eurozone GDP

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It will be a big week in monetary policy as the U.S. Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan announce their latest monetary moves and Brazil’s central bank unveils the minutes from its first policy decision under its new governor.

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