Santander: A Rare Bank That Lives Up to Hard Promises

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The Spanish lender is exposed to a tough market in Brazil, but its loan losses remain contained.

Apple Dials Down Modest iPhone Hopes

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The rally in Apple’s shares since the new iPhone was unveiled could stall, but the stock is still cheap.

U.S. New Home Sales Up in September After August Dip

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Sales of newly built homes rose in September after an August tumble, a sign modest momentum continues in the housing market.

Pokémon Shows Nintendo Still Has Path to Glory

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Solid profits from Nintendo’s stake in Pokémon Go is further proof that mobile gaming—not consoles—is the company’s future.

China's Latest Debt Crackdown Just Delays More Serious Action

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China faces a broad dilemma: how to manage a huge debt mound while maintaining loose monetary policy.

Fed's Task Next Week: Signal December Rate Rise

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Federal Reserve officials, wary of raising short-term interest rates amid the uncertainty surrounding the U.S. presidential election, are likely to stand pat at their November policy meeting and remain focused on lifting them in December.

Readers React: Low Fees Are Driving Us Into Passive Funds

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For Wall Street Journal readers, management fees are the biggest factor driving their investment-product decisions.

Pricing Oddity Has One Manager Advising Clients Not to Buy His Fund

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A growing number of closed-end funds are trading at prices above the value of their assets, a market distortion that could subject holders to sharp declines should interest rates pick up. ‘We are advising people not to buy,’ said one fund chief.

Lofty Closed-End Premiums Touch Off Alarm Bells

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Investors hungry for income have driven up to lofty levels the premiums on dozens of closed-end funds, exposing investors to steep, sudden losses and prompting one prominent manager to warn investors away from his own funds.

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