Another $10 Billion Hong Kong Stock-Market Mystery

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Property developer Fullshare is the latest hard-to-explain Hong Kong highflier.

A Symbolic Freeze Agreement Won't Revive Oil Prices

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An oil producers’ meeting in Algeria may be surprisingly productive, but there will be little fundamental impact of a freeze on a glutted market.

More Than Money at Stake in Tesla's SolarCity Deal

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Weighing Tesla’s merger offer for SolarCity means separating what can and can’t be measured.

Nike Can Regain Stride After Results

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Nike’s North American results should begin to accelerate again, as the sportswear maker pushes back against competitors.

Fiscal Constraints Await the Next President

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Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins in November, they will enjoy far less latitude to spend money or cut taxes than any president since World War II.

Don't Be Fooled by Lull in U.K.'s Supermarket Storm

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Signs of growth this month probably don’t signal an end to the price wars between Britain’s grocers—not least because of Wal-Mart.

Jobs Recovery Reaches Plateau, Posing a Challenge for Forecasters

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After a half-decade of steady gains, the U.S. labor market appears to be leveling off. What that plateau means for the economy’s trajectory is one of the biggest questions hanging over policy makers and investors.

Trump Advisers Estimate Big Revenue Surge from His Policies

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Donald Trump’s economic advisers say his proposals to cut regulation, boost energy exploration and adopt a far more aggressive trade-enforcement posture can unleash enough economic growth to offset the price tag of Mr. Trump’s proposal to slash taxes.

Global Economy Week Ahead: Yellen, Draghi and Kuroda Speak; EU and Japan Inflation

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This week brings speeches by the heads of central banks in the U.S., Europe and Japan, while trade, inflation and other data releases will shed light on the health of a number of large economies.

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