Valeant: Swapping Scandal for Growing Pains

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Investors will need patience as Valeant cleans house.

Amazon's Cloud Keeps Making It Rain

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A strong performance by Amazon Web Services swelled’s bottom line and helped maintain its pricey valuation.

Why the Bank of Japan Held Fire for Another Day

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The Bank of Japan’s lack of action caught markets by surprise. But that doesn’t mean it is done easing.

White House to Push Student Debt-Relief Plans

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The Obama administration announced plans to ramp up efforts to reach Americans who have defaulted on student loans and enroll them in debt-relief programs, reflecting concerns that millions are damaging their credit.

The Fed and Rates: Why a June Increase Isn't Off the Table

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The Federal Reserve’s task now is to gently prepare markets for a June rate increase.

Facebook Results: Investors Like Living in Zuckerberg's World

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Facebook’s new class of shares is a reminder of Mark Zuckerberg’s control, but the company’s strong results mean investors don’t mind.

Volkswagen Reaches Deal With U.S. Over Diesel-Emissions Scandal

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Volkswagen has reached the broad outlines of a deal with U.S. authorities over its diesel-emissions scandal. U.S. owners of nearly 500,000 2-liter diesel vehicles could see payments and a buyback under a coming court settlement.

IRS Warns of New Scam to Hijack Tax Preparers' Computers

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The IRS on Friday warned tax preparers of a new scam in which cyberthieves hijack a preparer’s computer system, file client tax returns, and redirect refunds to thieves’ accounts.

How Private Is Your Tax Return?

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Amid concerns about cyberthieves, the approach of Tax Day is a good time to consider the retention and use of your electronic tax information.

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