U.S. Businesses Continue Pullback on New-Equipment Purchases

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American businesses were pulling back on purchases of new equipment even before the U.K. vote to exit the European Union rocked global financial markets, a sign of corporate caution that will likely continue to act as a brake on the economy.

U.S. Consumers Less Optimistic in June

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U.S. consumers grew less optimistic in June—with the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index falling to 93.5 from May’s 94.7— suggesting spending could slow in the next year.

Qualcomm Sues Alibaba-Backed Smartphone Maker

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Qualcomm is suing Meizu Technology, a Chinese smartphone maker backed by Alibaba Group Holding, in the latest patent-infringement case involving technology companies.

Brexit: A Seismic Slap in the Face of Markets

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Markets got Brexit dead wrong. Now comes the fallout.

Why 'Brexit' Is No Lehman

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Massive market dislocations such as the immediate aftermath of the shock Brexit vote on Friday invite superlatives. But neither the change in the VIX volatility index, nor its absolute level, would make a mark in the record books—not even close.

Why Banks Are Taking Brunt of 'Brexit' Crash

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The Brexit result hammered bank stocks, but this isn’t about a 2008-type panic run on the financial system.

Employers Cut Down on Wellness Benefits

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Employers are cooling toward certain wellness benefits for workers, a large study by the Society for Human Resource Management found.

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Jeff Kuhner will be broadcasting live from 12p - 3p at the Boston Marriott Quincy on Thursday, August 6th for the WRKO Red Cross Blood Drive. The Blood Drive will start at noon and go to 6pm.


Thursday, August 6th, 12p - 6p
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The Kuhner Report will broadcast live 12p - 3p

WRKO Town Hall with Jeff Kuhner

On Thursday, Nov. 5, Jeff Kuhner hosted a WRKO Town Hall at the Arsenal Center for the Arts to discuss the problems with the DCF. Massachusetts State Representatives Shaunna O'Connell and Jim Lyons talked about the political battle they've faced in their efforts to fix child care in Massachusetts, and Jennifer Pelletier discussed her sister, Justina, and her family's fight against the DCF.

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