Stocks are Frothy, but There's No Bubble

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Stocks have soared but except for valuation there are few signs of a bubble. That doesn’t mean the market can’t fall.

Standard Chartered and HSBC: Small Dividends From Rising Rates

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Both banks are struggling for growth; interest rates will only help a little.

Fed Isn't Ready to Cut Balance Sheet

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Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen and other top central bank officials are in no hurry to reduce their $4.5 trillion portfolio of securities and other assets, effectively pushing back on several regional Fed bank presidents who have suggested starting the process this year.

Sina-Weibo: How to Invest in a Successful Version of Twitter

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Advertising income has surged at Twitter’s Chinese counterpart, Weibo, as short video ads and live streaming take off.

'Tailored' Accounting Takes Companies Into Alternate Reality

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Recent moves by the Securities and Exchange Commission serve as a reminder that non-GAAP corporate results should be digested with a grain of salt.

Trump's Hard Line on Immigration Collides With U.S. Demographics

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President Trump hopes to deliver growth above 3% in the coming decade, which would be hard in the best of times. He and Republicans seem intent on making it harder by putting the brakes on immigration, Greg Ip writes.

Tesla Drives on the Edge

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Tesla’s recent stock surge is a gift investors should accept.

Big Investors Are Too Scared to Run, Too Scared to Fight Trump Rally

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Some big investors are worried about what President Donald Trump’s actions might do to the stock market. That doesn’t mean they will bet against the rally. At least not yet.

Why Almost Everybody Should Apply for College Financial Aid

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The income cutoff is much higher than many parents think.

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