Why Samsung Suddenly Finds Parts Fitting Together

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After a spell during which several of Samsung Electronics’ big businesses struggled at once, a turnaround may be at hand.

Companies Get Smaller Slice of Economic Pie

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With U.S. companies grabbing a smaller share of a slow-growing economy, profits look likely to remain under pressure.

U.S. Companies Dial Back Their Investment

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Slower spending on capital goods comes despite a solid labor market, a strengthening housing sector and continuing low interest rates.

Retailers Gain Less From Sears's Pain

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For some time, problems at Sears benefited other retailers who could pick off its customers and sales. That isn’t the case anymore.

The Oil Rally: What Comes After $50

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Oil has broken above $50 a barrel for the first time in 2016. There may be more gains to come.

Fed Survey Finds Improvement in Household Finances

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Most Americans reported their household finances mildly improved last year, but nearly half said they would struggle to cover a $400 expense in an emergency.

Auto, Mortgage Delinquencies Rise in Energy Regions

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The New York Fed’s quarterly report on household debt and credit found rising auto and mortgage delinquencies in the U.S. counties that had the highest employment in the oil and gas industry, even as the national picture continues its gradual improvement.

Is a Higher-Yielding Bond Worth the Risk?

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Financial advisers and other investors need to be careful in evaluating seemingly sweet offerings, columnist Allan Roth says.

Say What? Kudos for Sitting 'Within Punching Distance' in a Tough Market

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This financial adviser took heart from what a client told him during the 2007-09 bear market.

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