Meitu: Why China's Photo Phenomenon Is Out of Focus

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Meitu is looking to achieve a pricey IPO valuation for an unprofitable internet company selling inexpensive phones.

Graduate Students Can Unionize at Private Colleges, NLRB Rules

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The National Labor Relations Board ruled that Columbia University graduate students are employees under federal labor law, paving the way for graduate students at private colleges nationwide to join labor unions.

Why Europe's Steady Growth Does Little to Enthuse Investors

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Investors are favoring further-flung, more exciting destinations than Europe for their cash. But steady growth remains a reassuring factor.

How to Free Big Banks From Weight of Dead Money

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Big banks have long complained about the costs of holding large pools of inactive deposits, especially in countries where interest rates have turned negative. Increasingly, they are charging customers to look after their cash.

Retailers Could Fail the Back-to-School Test

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Retailers with a significant back-to-school business face easy comparisons, but that may already be priced into their shares.

Former Fed Staffer, Activists Detail Plan to Overhaul Central Bank

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After arguing earlier this year the Federal Reserve needs to modernize how it is structured, a former top central bank adviser and activists are now laying out exactly how they believe the overhaul needs to happen.

Spending on Home Improvement Is Set to Pick Up as Building Pace Slows

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Spending on single-family home construction in the U.S. remains 40% below the levels of a decade ago, but new forecasts project that investment in residential remodeling and repairs this year will surpass records set during the housing boom.

Global Economy Week Ahead: Jackson Hole Gathering, Eurozone PMI, Japan CPI

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Indicators from major economies are likely to affect the moods of central bankers set to return from vacation and possibly adjust monetary policy in the U.S., eurozone and Japan in the weeks ahead.

Suits Target University Retirement Plans

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A dozen big-name universities, including Duke, Cornell and Yale, have been hit with lawsuits alleging their retirement plans are too confusing and costly.

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