Microsoft's Expensive Cloud Bet Is Paying Off

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The software giant’s continued transition to the cloud will likely dictate its stock price’s next move.

Saudi Arabia's Bond: a Defining Trade for 2016

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Saudi Arabia’s $17.5 billion bond brings together oil, geopolitics and the search for yield.

When Tech Bites Back: Innovation's Dark Side

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Technology optimists claim many benefits of today’s innovations don’t show up in GDP. What they forget: Many of the costs don’t, either, writes Greg Ip.

Social Security Taxes to Rise for Higher-Income Americans

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Higher-income workers will pay more in payroll taxes next year to support Social Security, while retirees and other program beneficiaries see a scant increase in their monthly benefits.

Fed's Beige Book: U.S. Economy Expands, Labor Market Tightens

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The economy continued to expand into early October despite some uncertainty generated by the election, a Federal Reserve report said, indicating more of the slow growth that could leave the central bank on track to raise interest rates late this year.

Salesforce Dreams Look More Grounded

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The cloud company’s list of potential M&A targets makes more strategic sense than a Twitter acquisition would.

Germany's Apprenticeship System Comes Under Attack

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Germany’s thicket of rules and standards shields roughly 150 professions from competition, with stiff fines awaiting uncertified practitioners. Now, the system, rooted in medieval guilds, is under attack.

Why the Economy Doesn't Roar Anymore

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The long boom after World War II left Americans with unrealistic expectations, but there’s no going back to that unusual Golden Age.

Yellen Cites Benefits to Running Economy Hot for Some Time

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Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen offered an argument for running the U.S. economy hot for a period to ensure moribund growth doesn’t become an entrenched feature of the U.S. business landscape.

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