How MetLife and AIG Can Make Up for Hedge-Fund Losses

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Insurers, suffering from low rates and hedge-fund losses, have no choice but to keep cutting costs.

The Truth About Fannie Mae's Dividend

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Recent quarterly results show that the original 10% dividend really was unsustainable.

Energy Transfer Could Soar If It Plays Nice With Williams

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Energy Transfer would love to get out of its merger with Williams. If it takes a gentler approach, its shares could gain.

Biotech Drug Knockoffs Bring Paltry Savings

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Price increases of brand-name biotech drugs are diminishing expected savings from rival versions, called biosimilars, adding to pressure on overall health costs.

House Republicans Vote to Block New Rule on Retirement Advice

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The House on Thursday voted to block the enactment of a new rule on retirement advice, underscoring continued opposition to the Obama administration’s landmark policy aimed at helping more U.S. households grow their nest eggs.

Consumer Finance Watchdog Plans to Supervise Marketplace Lenders

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans to bring the largest online lenders under its supervision as soon as late 2017, the first time the lenders would face federal scrutiny similar to that of banks.

A Mutual-Fund Fee Falls Out of Favor

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A controversial type of mutual-fund fee called a 12b-1, in which dollars are subtracted from fund assets to compensate brokers and other distributors, is losing favor.

IRS Warns of New Scam to Hijack Tax Preparers' Computers

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The IRS on Friday warned tax preparers of a new scam in which cyberthieves hijack a preparer’s computer system, file client tax returns, and redirect refunds to thieves’ accounts.

How Private Is Your Tax Return?

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Amid concerns about cyberthieves, the approach of Tax Day is a good time to consider the retention and use of your electronic tax information.

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