Are you saddened or gladdened by the 'Public Option' provision being removed from the National Health Care Bill?
Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance as the Eagles Quarterback?
Should "indoor prostitution" be made illegal in Rhode Island?
Obama compared national health care to the post office...does this make you more or less likely to support it?
President Obama says that under Nationalized Health Care there will be no lines...Do you believe him?
Should Congress be allowed to buy five new jets?
Who is more obnoxious on the or bicycles?
Who's more obnoxious on the or bicycles?
Did Harry Truman make the right decision to drop the A-Bomb on Hiroshima?
Do you think it is fair that Finneran gets to take Friday's off to vacation on the Cape?
Yes, he deserves it!
No, get to work like the rest of us!
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