Bank of Japan Under Pressure to Join In Abe's Stimulus

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As the Bank of Japan meets next week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government will be finalizing one of the biggest spending packages since he took office more than 3 1/2 years ago, vowing to revitalize the economy.

Terror Weighs on Europe's Travel Industry

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A cascade of terrorist incidents is driving away tourists at the height of Europe’s summer rush, casting a pall over hotel chains, airlines and luxury retailers.

A New U.S.-European Grocery Giant Is Born

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Forget Tesco and Carrefour; the merger of Ahold and Delhaize creates Europe’s most reliable grocery group.

Dell, HP Take Opposite Tacks Amid Roiling Tech Market

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Dell and EMC are betting that a diverse product portfolio will make the combined company a one-stop shop, while Hewlett-Packard says two halves of the former tech giant are better able to focus on innovation.

China Drivers Find Advertised Fuel Economy a Fiction

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China’s fuel-economy tests ignore some important real-world driving conditions, critics say, which may explain how the same car can end up with a higher fuel-efficiency rating in China than the U.S.

Salesforce Would Have Bid 'Much Higher' for LinkedIn

Related Link: Inc. Chief Executive Marc Benioff, who lost a bidding war for LinkedIn Corp. to Microsoft Corp., told the social networking company that he would have made a stronger bid had it continued talks with him after its call for final offers. The information appeared Friday in a LinkedIn regulatory filing.

PayPal and Visa Make Up, on Visa's Terms

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PayPal has gained access to Visa’s mobile-payments system but given up a lot in return.

Car-Sharing Industry Is Loaded Down by Taxes

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As more Americans go car-free, cities are increasing taxes on the car-sharing industry but not ride-hailing, according to research by DePaul University into the competitive landscape of the fledgling industries.

Why Emerging Markets Have Wind at Their Backs

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Emerging markets aren’t a haven—but they look like a compelling alternative to the bigger concerns that still lie in developed markets.

American Airlines Expects European Routes to Suffer From Overcapacity

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American Airlines expects its European routes to suffer from overcapacity, economic weakness and terrorism fears in the coming months.

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