Salesforce Weighs Twitter Bid to Spur Growth

Related Link:’s CEO Marc Benioff is weighing a bid for Twitter, a move that would vault his 17-year-old business-software company into a new realm with very different challenges and risks.

Boot Camp Aims to Help Musicians Amp Up Careers

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Business boot camps, called accelerators and led by entrepreneurs, are helping musicians craft long-term business plans and pitch investors to boost their exposure.

Jobs Recovery Reaches Plateau, Posing a Challenge for Forecasters

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After a half-decade of steady gains, the U.S. labor market appears to be leveling off. What that plateau means for the economy’s trajectory is one of the biggest questions hanging over policy makers and investors.

Self-Driving Hype Doesn't Reflect Reality

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To judge by recent claims, “fully autonomous” self-driving technology is just around the corner. The terms “autonomous vehicle” and “self-driving” evoke images of hopping into a car, entering a destination and disappearing into sleep, food or our phones. That won’t happen for a long time, writes Christopher Mims.

AMD No Longer Coming Up Short

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The chip maker’s improving prospects have made the stock a less appealing short target.

Global Economy Week Ahead: Yellen, Draghi and Kuroda Speak; EU and Japan Inflation

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This week brings speeches by the heads of central banks in the U.S., Europe and Japan, while trade, inflation and other data releases will shed light on the health of a number of large economies.

Apple Goes Without a Lobby Into European Fray

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Apple is heading toward a battle with the European Union antitrust regulator over $14.5 billion in taxes without the army of lobbyists and public relations campaigners typical in such fights.

Twitter Deal Would Be One Too Many for Salesforce

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The cloud software company’s expansion appetite is giving Salesforce’s investors indigestion.

Hillary Clinton Proposes 65% Top Rate for Estate Tax

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would impose a 65% tax on the largest estates and make it harder for wealthy households to pass appreciated assets to their heirs without paying taxes, according to an updated version of her tax plan released Thursday.

Seconds Matter a Lot for Facebook Valuation

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Facebook’s overstatement of one video viewing metric could undermine the highly optimistic assumptions underlying its valuation.

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