SolarCity Forms Special Committee to Review Tesla Offer

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SolarCity said it has hired outside legal and advisory counsel and formed a special board committee to evaluate an acquisition offer made by Tesla Motors.

Russian Tycoon Parlays a Smart Hedge Into an Empire

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Mikhail Gutseriev won big when he locked in high oil prices with a smart hedge and now hopes to expand his budding business empire with an initial public offering of his Russneft, Russia’s seventh-largest oil firm.

Lyft Hires M&A Banker Qatalyst Partners

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Ride-hailing startup Lyft has hired Qatalyst Partners, the boutique investment bank best known for helping tech companies find a buyer, according to people familiar with the matter.

Brexit: Deflationary Now, Inflationary Later

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Central banks’ efforts to revive economic growth and inflation suffered another blow with Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. The vote has unleashed anxiety and uncertainty that will dampen investment, hiring, wages and prices. In the long run, though, Brexit could prove inflationary, Greg Ip writes.

Music Industry Out of Harmony With YouTube

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The music industry is locked in an epic battle with YouTube, the most popular on-demand service, over the declining royalty rates the site pays and the difficulty in detecting copyright material from the mass of videos uploaded on the site.

Stores Accepting Food Stamps Face Stricter Rules

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U.S. regulators are pushing stricter rules for stores that accept food stamps, ultimately determining which retailers win and lose the billions of taxpayer dollars at stake.

Online Shopping Forces Retailers to Rethink Inventory Strategy

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Retailers are trying to figure out ways to profitably serve online shoppers while making their network of stores less of a financial burden. Home Depot, for example, is targeting sales growth of nearly 15% by 2018, but wants to keep inventory levels flat or slightly down.

Why China's Bad Debts Won't Wash Away Easily

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A plan to raise a fresh $1 billion in equity for China Huarong, one of China’s giant “bad banks,” is yet one more acknowledgment that the country’s debt situation can’t be easily resolved.

Rolls-Royce Results to Reflect Currency Swings

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Rolls-Royce said currency movements will provide less of a boost to its performance this year than previously forecast though the British engine maker is yet to take into account the slump in the British currency after the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU.

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