Salesforce Would Have Bid 'Much Higher' for LinkedIn

Related Link: Inc. Chief Executive Marc Benioff, who lost a bidding war for LinkedIn Corp. to Microsoft Corp., told the social networking company that he would have made a stronger bid had it continued talks with him after its call for final offers. The information appeared Friday in a LinkedIn regulatory filing.

Autopilot Crash Shouldn't Slow Self-Driving Development, Regulator Says

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Regulators won't look to slow the introduction of self-driving technology in the wake of a fatality connected to Tesla’s Autopilot technology, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated.

Verizon Nears $5 Billion Deal for Yahoo's Internet Businesses

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Verizon is nearing a deal to buy Yahoo’s core internet businesses, an agreement that would end a tumultuous period for the beleaguered internet company.

PayPal and Visa Make Up, on Visa's Terms

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PayPal has gained access to Visa’s mobile-payments system but given up a lot in return.

Hershey Trust to Reach Settlement With Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office

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Hershey Co.’s largest shareholder—a trust that oversees billions of dollars for a local, nonprofit school—has agreed to make significant governance changes that could affect the future of the chocolate company, according to people familiar with the matter.

Monsanto Wins EU Nod for New Biotech Soybeans

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EU officials approved a new variety of biotech soybean developed by Monsanto, removing uncertainty for the company, which already had sold the seeds to farmers this year.

Car-Sharing Industry Is Loaded Down by Taxes

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As more Americans go car-free, cities are increasing taxes on the car-sharing industry but not ride-hailing, according to research by DePaul University into the competitive landscape of the fledgling industries.

Why Emerging Markets Have Wind at Their Backs

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Emerging markets aren’t a haven—but they look like a compelling alternative to the bigger concerns that still lie in developed markets.

American Airlines Expects European Routes to Suffer From Overcapacity

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American Airlines expects its European routes to suffer from overcapacity, economic weakness and terrorism fears in the coming months.

Pumped Up: Renewables Growth Revives Old Power-Storage Method

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As solar and wind power grow, a century-old technology called pumped storage that involves moving water to stash power is finding new demand.

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