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LISTEN: Is Gronk worse than the Anthem Kneelers?

Kuhner thinks that's what the suspension proves

The Kuhner Report
December 05, 2017 - 2:06 pm

That late hit garnered a one game suspension for Rob Gronkowski.  Jeff Kuhner thinks that not only was that an example of the "Wussification of football," but it was also an example of NFL hypocrisy.

How does that warrant a suspension, yet the NFL Anthem kneeling protests don't?  Listen to Jeff and Kuhner Country discuss below:

Kuhner - Should Gronk have been suspended? And why aren't the Anthem protesters suspended?

Jeff hates the Gronkowski suspension because it signals "Wussification" of the NFL, and it sets a bad precedent suspending him over the Anthem protesters.

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