Kuhner's Corner: Sessions must go

Attorney General is not up to the job

Jeff Kuhner
November 08, 2017 - 12:09 pm

President Trump should fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He has become a liability to the administration and more importantly, to the country. Sessions needs to go. The sooner, the better.


He refuses to investigate the seminal scandal of our time: The Clintons’ subversion of our national security. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2010 agreed to sell 20 percent of America’s strategic Uranium reserves to Putin’s Russia. Specifically, she approved the sale of a company, Uranium One, to a Kremlin-backed group.


Which begs the question: How is it in America’s national interests for Moscow to control a significant chunk of our strategic Uranium—the key ingredient needed for nuclear missiles? The very country that Hillary and the liberal media insist is our “greatest enemy.”


The answer is a simple one: It isn’t. So why did Hillary and the Obama regime approve it? They were on the take. She sold out the United States—in effect, committed treason—in exchange for vast sums of Kremlin money.


The Hill and the Wall Street Journal have reported that Putin-connected Russian oligarchs funneled over $145 million into the Clinton Foundation. Former President Bill Clinton was paid millions directly from the Kremlin—including $500,000 for a single 20-minute speech in Moscow. The major lobbying firm the Russians used was the Podesta Group, which was led by John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and his brother, Tony Podesta, Hillary’s bagman. The Podestas hired Paul Manafort, Trump’s former (and brief) campaign manager, to act as the go-between. In fact, Manafort had been working for the Podesta Group for years, bringing in Russian money, before being tapped by Trump. Hence, the Kremlin used Manafort and the Podestas to influence and buy off Hillary, thereby ensuring the sale of Uranium One. Judas’ price was thirty pieces of silver; Hillary’s—adjusted for inflation—was $145 million.


Moreover, an ex-FBI informant, who had penetrated the Russian-Hillary-bribery scheme, is ready to blow the whistle. He has emails, audio recordings and documents that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russian agents used bribery, extortion, kickbacks and racketeering to guarantee the purchase of our Uranium reserves. He desperately wanted to warn Congress about Hillary’s criminal activities. Instead, the Obama administration imposed a gag order, threatening him with prison time and financial ruin if he should publicly speak out. The gag order has now been lifted. The truth will finally come out.


The Clintons are not a “political dynasty”; rather, they are a crime family who have helped to erect a mafia state. They have enriched themselves (and their cronies) by selling America down the river. In fact, the real story is not that Trump colluded with Russia, but Hillary did. There was nothing Vladimir Putin wanted that Hillary—and Obama—did not give him: the famous “reset” in U.S.-Russian relations, Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, its military intervention in eastern Ukraine, its build-up of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, turning Syria into a geopolitical vassal and propping up Bashar Assad, unilateral cuts to America’s nuclear arsenal and emboldening Russia’s resurgence on the world stage. The Kremlin bought our government and Hillary was one of their de facto paid agents. She is a traitor. And she must go to jail.


Yet, there are more Russia bombshells to fall. According to the Washington Times, the bank records of Fusion GPS, the firm that the Hillary campaign and the Democratic National Committee used to pay for the discredited Trump dossier that relied on anonymous Russian government officials, are now in the hands of the House Intelligence Committee. They allegedly prove that numerous journalists—we will soon find out who—were bribed by Fusion GPS to push the phony Trump-collusion story. In other words, Hillary not only bought the DNC (and stole the primary from Bernie Sanders). She bought the media as well.


Sessions, however, remains strangely silent. Think about it: Faced with the greatest political scandal in U.S. history, the attorney general—the nation’s top law enforcement officer—is AWOL. He refuses to investigate. At a minimum, a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to look into all of Hillary’s crimes—the use of a private email server, the compromise of sensitive, top secret classified information, the destruction of over 30,000 government emails, Benghazi, gross negligence, obstruction of justice, treason, bribery, influence peddling, racketeering, corruption, abuse of power and of course, the sale of Uranium One.


Don’t get me wrong: I like Sessions. He is a Christian gentleman and was one of the few principled conservative nationalists in the Senate. But, sadly, he is not up to the job. He is unable—or unwilling—to drain the swamp. Trump must find someone who is.                   


-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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