Barack's Electoral Dominance

There's no question that when the people are listened to, the message is clear. Barack is the man they want. In Europe.

While the race between Barack Obama and Republican rival John McCain remains
close among U.S. voters, Europeans have given their hearts to the likely
Democratic nominee.

And everyone knows, we should be more like Europeans.
A poll in late May of five major countries -- Britain, France, Germany, Italy
and Russia -- showed Sen. Obama getting 52% support, compared with 15% for Sen.
McCain. In France, 65% favor Sen. Obama, compared with 8% for Sen. McCain,
according to the poll for the United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Maybe it's time for us to just ceed control over. The region is busily giving up their individual national differences in order to form the mighty economic entity known as the European Union - maybe we've just got to move the merger with Mexico and Canada along a bit quicker and see if they'll let our union join theirs.
Another poll published online Saturday in Belgium's Le Soir newspaper showed
Belgians prefer Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain 74% to 12%.