From a Friend of Barack's

Here's one of the more powerful bits of fan mail I've received regarding the blog, and explaining why Barack would be a great President:

dear todd,

you're speech about barack is absolute crap.. the most you had on him
was that he was willing to listen to everyone, and take in everyones ideas and

YOU are a fascist prick, who should use the gun you probably have under
your pillow at night on yourself. You live in fear, because YOU are what is
wrong with america! I hope you sleep well at night, because Karma will take care
of you.

yours sincerely

PS, do you actually like bush running your country? Barack
is better then any other candidate there. you want mcain in? who wants to get
rid of abortion, and pro gun and iraq? YOu are the bad man... and might i add if
'bad man' is the only way you can describe barack, you must be the most
unintelligent ignorant person alive. get some vocabulary lessons douche bag.