Done with Hillary?

A shrewd move by Barack to meet with Hillzo last night to take the air out of the big Hillary balloon.

"Senator Clinton and Senator Obama met tonight and had a productive discussion
about the important work that needs to be done to succeed in November," their
camps said in joint statement.
With her flight grounded, he can go about his business of trying to pick a running mate, etc, without the focus being on whether she is going to be the veep.

Did he tell her to forget about being VP?

"While Senator Clinton has made clear throughout this process that she will do
whatever she can to elect a Democrat to the White House, she is not seeking the
vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her," said spokesman Phil Singer.
"The choice here is Senator Obama's and his alone to make."
George Will is amongst those who think the idea of them sharing the ticket is dumb.
Obama's choice of a running mate will be the first important decision he makes
with the whole country watching, so it will be a momentous act of
self-definition. If he chooses her, it will be an act of self-diminishment,
especially now that some of her acolytes are aggressively suggesting that some
unwritten rule of American politics stipulates that anyone who finishes a strong
second in the nomination contest is entitled to second place on the ticket.

But I think he will be so diminshed by his own resume, as America gets to know him, that he's going to need the media distracted. The black/woman storyline would keep them busy writing nonsense all summer.

Obviously, Barack doesn't view his future with as much pessimism as I do, and with Hillary grounded, things can move on to the next phase.