Racist Racism Rants

See what you think about this comment:

"Barack Obama is running for president in a country where 70 percent of the people are white, and they demand that he align himself to their dominant view."

That statement comes from a political scientist named Ron Walters from the University of Maryland, quoted today in the Washington Post.

And it reminded me of this comment that I read on a blog recently from Professor Boyce Watkins, author of "What If George Bush Were a Black Man?"
I am going to be a team player from this point on. We don’t want to give the Republicans (and Democrats) anymore ammunition by forcing Senator Obama into the embarrassing position of having to denounce yet another black person or group who doesn’t meet the approval of the rest of America.
Watkins seems to feel that Barack's need to separate from Reverend Wright's church is racist, as if the preaching we've seen should be viewed as normal and appropriate for Barack to be involved with, just different.
So, I put together a list of suggested denunciations that can keep Senator Obama out of trouble in this campaign. He’s already denounced several black religious leaders and abandoned his church of the last 20 years, so he might as well get rid of anything else that might keep him from having a chance to receive complete validation from America. Black children should learn a lesson from all this: give up whatever you must in order to become successful.
This perspective strikes me as bizarre, as I expect it does you.

Is he unable to see that in order to be accepted by the dominant culture as president, that it is perfectly normal that the dominant culture see its standards reflected in the candidate? Would a candidate be justified in making claims of prejudice, for example, if his membership in a nudist colony threatened people's perception of him as mainstream? Or if he didn't believe in marriage and lived with his spouse out of wedlock?

It is accepted as a fact of life, and reasonable, that if you want to sell yourself to the majority of the nation, pretty much everything about you must meet the standards of normalcy from the majority. What's confusing about that?

In this case, to make matters clearer, what Barack is separating himself from is what is generally called racism and bigotry. The classification of people based on skin color, and the oversimplification of all of life's problems into something caused by the bad guys (ie, those of another skin color), is supposed to be repulsive to black culture. It certainly is repulsive to the rest of us.

Ironically, skin color oversimplification is practiced in the black church as a therapy even while white culture is required to tiptoe around race issues for fear of being labeled racist for making reasonable comments.

Just because it may be your church and your people, Professor Watkins, doesn't mean it isn't racist and it doesn't mean it shouldn't be denounced.

Here's one more comment for you to consider:
"If a politician wants to move up in government, they can come to church and jump and shout, but it is not okay to go to church where they are speaking truth to power and talking about racism, sexism and capitalism."
That one is from The Rev. Barbara Reynolds, a Howard University School of Divinity lecturer and friend of Jeremiah Wright.

Apparently, there was no jumping and shouting in the cases of Wright and Pfleger, just "speaking truth to power."

There is a gulf between black and white culture, no doubt. They're anger and frustration is so big, it appears, that racism and bigotry are the favored tools for coping with racism and bigotry. How can they not think this would be upsetting to those who are accused of racism and bigotry?