I Really Don't Care

I know there's something wrong with me, but I'm not excited. I just don't care about the storyline that the media and the pundits are selling.

"A little over a hundred years after people of his race were treated as less than human in this country, it is truly astounding that an African American candidate has apparently secured the Democratic nomination for President."

It's not really astounding. It had to happen eventually, and what's weird is that it took so long.

And I'd like to remind those who are so obsessed with race that there is no other prism through which they view things (liberals), that this was not a campaign about a black guy facing a woman. It was a battle between generations, it was new guard vs old guard, experience vs inexperience, a liar vs a pretend truth teller - it was about so many things other than a black guy vs a woman.

That narrative is only important to those who decide it's important - people whose livelihood is furthered by our society being obsessed with race.

While I will be a happy conservative when we can draw our candidates from the largest pool possible and not be restricted to white men, I am a problem child, for I can look at Barack and not see a black man. I see a Harvard grad. I see a smart guy. I see a politician. I see lots of things. His race doesn't interest me.

Someday, everyone will be like me.

But that day won't happen until Democrats have ceased to be a force in American politics.