Hillary VP? Why not.

Why would Hillary want to accept the VP position? If Barack loses with her on the ticket, she's part of the failure, hurting her chances for 2012. If he loses without her:
She could come back and say, "I told you so... and oh, by the way, I won the popular vote." ...Why add insult to injury with a losing VP bid when HRC could easily assume the mantle of "lion of the Senate" from Ted Kennedy? Or, even, perhaps, run in 2012?
That's analysis from Patrick Ruffin at the Next Right, a new blog that's off to a good start. But while making his argument, Ruffini offers the pretext for the counter argument:
Still, Hillary 2012 is unlikely, just as Gore 2004 and Gore 2008 were. If Obama disappoints, they'll probably revert to some safe boring white guy four years hence.
One might argue, then, that Hillary might as well go for the VP slot now, satisfying the party that she's a team player. It could be, if Hillary were to refuse the VP slot, that she'd be viewed as a spoiler, ruining her plans for 2012.

It's hard to imagine that they're not looking at Hillary as a must-do at Obama HQ. As pathetic a candidate as Barack is, he really needs what she brings to the table. That's a ticket that would lead me to believe that a Democratic victory is likely.