Barack's Storyline

Do you remember in the fall when there was a vote in the Senate for a resolution encouraging President Bush to label the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization? Hillary took some heat for voting in favor, as there was concern at the time that the Bush administration was trying to get us into a war with Iran and that this was another example of Hillary being duped by the devious Bushies.

Anyway, Senator Joe Lieberman yesterday put the shoe on the other foot, criticizing Barack for his vote against the provision. He is right to do so.

One of the difficult things in having something on Barack is the luxury he has of having no experience. No experience sounds bad, but having no track record also means having no track record to attack. This presents some level of advantage for Obama.

But Lieberman has reminded us of another bit of evidence that there's something potentially ominous, hidden just below the surface, in the philosophy of Barack Obama. You combine the refusal to wear an American flag pin with the video of him not saluting the flag while the other dems were with Reverand Wright's "God Damn America" with Michelle Obama's never having been proud of America before, with little tidbits like refusing to call the terrorists in Iran terrorists, and I think Barack's got a problem. Its like a knife to the heart of what Barack conjures when you think, "wow. Maybe this guy is much more of a wacko then anyone understands."

This is where the big Barack fantasy could really come apart. The foundation of lusting after a perfect ten (remember the movie?) is that you're chasing an illusion based on how that illusion makes you feel. The crash is pretty hard when you realize that the beauty that swept you off your feet is only skin deep, because you feel very, very foolish.

I imagine alot of Barack's support evaporating - poof! - on the spot when that balloon gets popped.